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Blandford Rotary Club competition

It was an honour and a pleasure to attend the Blandford Rotary Club’s Short Story Competition 2016 Prizegiving Evening recently as a guest speaker. It was the first time I have ever been invited to do anything like that, and certainly the first time I have ever been introduced on stage as “a successful local author”.

I enjoyed listening to a dozen or so finalists reading out their stories to the audience of around a hundred, then I tried to come up with some encouraging words, reminding them that, as judging of writing is so subjective, there would be winners on the night, but there would be no losers.

Congratulations to treble winner Paula Harmon (below, with hands full) and thanks are due to Adrian Ford of the Blandford Rotary Club for organising an excellent competition, an inspiring evening, and for inviting me to attend in the first place.

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