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Cheshire Cheese and Camembert is the third and final part of what, somewhat inadvertently, has become a Hydonian trilogy. 

Loosely following on from Blessèd are the Meek and Twenty-six Nil, the story takes place during the early years of the twentieth century and much of the action has moved from Hyde to Salford, and principally around the docks at the eastern end of the Manchester Ship Canal. Walter Rowbotham's best man, Charlie Knott, now a middle-aged man with a steady job, tells the story about how he, his family and his friends come to terms with the modern world and the challenges it poses, not least the conflict that grips Europe in 1914.

There is much more about the new novel on the Books page...



My sixth novel, Twenty-six Nil, which has at its centre the match that produced the highest score in the history of English football, now has a place in the collection of the National Football Museum in Manchester and is available to buy from their retail outlets. 

Meanwhile the book remains on sale in the Hyde United FC club shop and of course via the Shop page on this website.

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