• Brent

Visit to the station, 26th September 2015

The copies of the novel are newly printed, and as promised I deliver a first batch of them to the shop on the station platform in Shillingstone.

Exciting times. It’s a beautiful sunny day and the Project is in typical Saturday morning mode: volunteer workers in hi-vis jackets painting, digging, stopping for a coffee and a chat. In the café a few early visitors order a drink and a slice of home-made cake. It all seems very English in a calm, unhurried kind of way. In the course of the next few weekends I hope a few of the visitors pick up a copy of the novel and are tempted to buy it.

Meanwhile I take a few more photos of the site: a little different from the ones from July in the gallery: this time it actually looks and feels more like summer.

Here they are:

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