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Bailing Out


An English


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Inappropriate Behaviour

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Blessèd are

the Meek



Cheshire Cheese & Camembert



Shillingstone Station: The mystery starts in the dark depths of both a Dorset night and the Cold War, then expands across a lifetime as the sins of the father are visited on the son. We follow the fortunes of the sympathetic character of Andris, as he struggles to come to terms with the lifelong effects of that night. Brent skilfully weaves a mystery that’s local but also crosses international borders as Andris searches for the truth of what happened to his father. A very gripping read.

I saved Bailing Out for the nearly 5-hour train journey home. It was great reading, I did not want to put it down. I read more than half of it and was so keen to find out what happened in the story that I finished it off over the next couple of days or so. I think the strength of the characters was crucial. Don, Gabe, Geena etc were all full, complex, credible and well-drawn characters, and you made me care about them. This, together with the plot twists and turns, kept me turning the pages eagerly.

I have to say how much I loved your book An English Impressionist, and I would love my Book Club friends in Sydney to read it.

I think I will give your book as Christmas Presents to them. Can I order eight copies, please?

Jennifer Steele, Luton

Charles Morris, London

Johnathon Murray, Sydney, Australia 

In The Press


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I grew up in Hyde. This is a town that is still associated in the public‘s consciousness, if at all, with the Moors Murders in the 1960s and the more recent grisly case of serial killer Dr Harold Shipman. Instead it should really be mentioned in the same breath as cotton mills, the Chartists, Victorian philanthropy, noble municipal buildings, a thriving market, friendly unpretentious people, traditions in sport and the arts, and an enviable location on the edges of both the city of Manchester to the west and open Pennine hills to the east. I left the town at the age of eighteen but there is not the slightest doubt that I would ever consider myself to be anything other than a Hydonian.


I studied French and German at the University of Nottingham, where I also trained as a teacher at the School of Education under the inspirational professorship of the late Ted Wragg.


My teaching career took me first to South Craven School in North Yorkshire, then on to Saltus Grammar School in Bermuda and latterly to Milton Abbey School in Dorset. I feel very fortunate to have landed not only in good schools but also in beautiful parts of the world.


My family is very much at the heart of my life. I am also inspired by reading and writing, music and travel, football, friends and fresh air.


For any inquiries, please contact me Brent Shore:

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